How to Use Pet Hair Clippers

pethair clippingTrimming a pet’s hair requires using pet clippers appropriate to the coat type and pet to be trimmed. The length of fur will aid in determining the correct clipper blade size to be used. Moving the clippers in a consistent direction and with short strokes will produce even result. Noisy clippers tend to frighten pets so choose a set that is as quiet as possible, for the best results.
Positioning the dog on a table is the best way to start the hair cut. All of the hair should be combed through and free of tangles. The cutting should begin with the head’s top and the clippers should be guided in the direction of hair growth. The strokes should be short and quick to achieve even results. Finish the head completely around the dog’s nose and sides. The clippers should be run flatly along the outside top of the ears. Ear edges should be trimmed with slower strokes.
To continue grooming the back and body, start closest to the head with the clippers at the uppermost point of the dog’s backbone. Continue clipping the sides by starting at the backbone, moving down until the sides are complete. Work along each section to the tail area. Then clip the underside. The legs are clipped by holding a paw and gently stretching it until extended. Using slow short strokes start with the topmost part of the dog’s leg and continue to work down to the paw. Repeat with all legs.