Tips on Sedating Your Pet Before a Haircut would be grand if every dog and cat quietly still while receiving a haircut. Sadly, that will never happen. Unfamiliar environments like that of the grooming salon tend to inspire feelings of profound anxiety in our pets. There will always be the twitching, wriggling, howling and whining when our pets are out of their turf. Add in the poor unfamiliar care professional and the entire situation can seem hopeless.
No matter how desperate the situation may be, only a veterinarian should administer chemical sedatives to an animal. The best course of action for the pet owner is attempt one of the many natural sedatives for pets that can either completely or partially sedate the animal prior to grooming. A long walk for the pet that is 2 times longer than normal will tire the pet to allow for easier handling. Pets can be soothed by a massage consisting of a gentle rubbing of the spine along the legs, neck and spine for 15 minutes. Humming calmly helps, too.
There are two types of sedation that can be achieved by using ingestible sedatives. The first is partial sedation which describes a calm drowsy state of the pet. The second, complete sedation describes a state of unconsciousness or sleep. Should the pet owner decide to use a manufactured sedative to achieve either of these states of sedation, the accompanying directions should be followed. It’s best to administer the recommended dosage in food or on a treat. The pet should be encouraged to relax and lie down while the owner gives calm affection to soothe the pet until the intended stage of sedation is reached.