How to Sharpen Pet Hair Clipper Blades

pethairclippersharpenerA pet owner who has a cat or dog that requires frequent grooming does not own a more important tool than the set of clippers. Before sharpening the clippers, it is best to ensure they are adjusted properly and well oiled. A lack of oil and being off-line can make the clippers seem as though they should be sharpened when they don’t. Professional grooming is expensive which is why we need to take care of our home grooming equipment. There are a few steps we can take to keep our pet clippers sharp.
Excess hair should be removed by lightly tapping the sides of the clippers and shaking out any debris. Clippers then should be held under strong running water to remove any collected fur from the inner gears. The blades of electric clippers should be cleaned with a toothbrush. Problems with the performance of a set of sheers are usually due to them needing cleaning rather than sharpened. Home groomers should rarely, if ever, need their clippers sharpened except in the case of heavy use such as the level of use in a professional grooming salon or animal shelter.
Should the clippers require sharpening, it should be done by a professional service specializing in pet clippers. Clippers should not be sharpened at home as if they were knives. Once pet clippers have been sharpened, they will need re-tightening and adjustment for best performance. The local professional pet groomer is the best source of information when searching for a sharpening service.
Manual scissor-type shears that are used to groom the pet at home also require professional sharpening. The owner should obtain quotes for this service from as many providers as possible. However, if a provider is located outside of the vicinity, time and additional costs should be factored into the evaluation of providers.
Electric pet clippers frequently require replacement of blades. The original manufacturer should be contacted to determine whether the parts must be shipped or are available locally from a parts supplier in the area. New blades can be obtained to replace blades that need sharpening should that option prove more convenient or cost effective. It is possible for the owner to replace the blades at home instead of sending the set of pet clippers away for servicing. The blades of pet clippers can be maintained and need sharpening and replacement less often if they are not used to groom pets with a lot of dirt or debris in the fur. Pieces of dirt can cause the blades to dull quickly.