Pet Hair Clippers vs. Human Hair Clippers

oster_bladesMost people are unaware of the definite differences between pet grooming clippers and clippers for use on humans. Although there are many similarities, the clippers for pets are not interchangeable with the clippers for humans. This applies to both hair and nail designs. It is important to be able to discern between the many types of both human clippers and pet clippers. There are certain considerations to be conscious of when deciding on the best ones to purchase.
The motor in pet hair clippers needs to run at a higher rate of speed than the motor of hair clippers for humans. This is due to the often matted, thicker hair the pet clippers have to cut. The motor also needs to be able to run for a longer period of time in one setting. Generally, hair clippers intended for use on humans will weigh less and be more comfortably designed. The motor in hair clippers for humans does not need to be as powerful as the one in clippers for pets and tend to run more quietly.
The design of nail clippers for use on humans consists of two sharp flat surfaces brought together to cut the nail from both sides. The design of the most common pet nail clippers is the guillotine style in which the pet’s nail is inserted into the circular opening where the sharp blade slices through it.
There are many different grooming kits available for use on both pets and humans. Many people choose to buy the least expensive of these kits believing there is no real difference. A comparison of more expensive kits to the cheaper ones show that more expensive hair clippers are usually more sturdy and have a stronger motor which makes them more reliable and more powerful, This assures optimum performance. Although styles of both types are available with the option of using battery power it is not recommended due to the high level of power necessary.