Oster 78004-011 Powermax 2-Speed Clippers Review

As a fan of Oster, I was looking for the latest pair of Oster clippers to add to my now rather impressive clipper collection. Coveting the Oster 78004-011 Powermax 2-Speed Clippers for weeks now, I finally broke down and bought the damn thing. And I am glad that I did. How can one not be seduced by the notion of a lighter, cooler and slightly more powerful version of Oster A5?

Oster Powermax 2 runs on a powerful 2 speed motor, giving 4200 strokes in a minute. What I absolutely adore about Oster Powermax 2 is how much lighter it feels compared to my old A5. The Oster designers have cleverly replaced difficult to secure blades with an intuitive spring system, making assembly much faster than before. Oster Powermax 2 also comes with its signature CryogenX blade coated with an antimicrobial layer called AgION.

This AgION layer is supposed to repel mildew, rust and mould. So far after 4 months of weekly use and sporadic oiling, the blades have remain impeccable. There is also a lock down mode for the 2 speed change up which prevents accidental switching of speeds. I stick mainly to the low speed for both of my finicky pets who both seemed to enjoy how quick and uneventful the whole grooming process went.

One of the main reasons why the whole grooming processed went so fast was because of the clipper’s powerful motor. Even at the lower speed, Powermax 2 was able to tackle bunches of matted hair. I managed to smoothly shave off my collie and long hair cat’s matted fur in a matter of minutes, something cheaper clippers can’t accomplish. This is why I really appreciate reliable brands like Oster.

The downside to Powermax 2 is that like most other Oster clippers, it tends to heat up fast. Powermax 2 gives you about half an hour of clipping time before it gets hot. The heat can be managed by spraying some Oster Kool Lube or switching blades.

Because of how effectively it cuts, I usually find myself finishing the job before I even need to switch blades. If you have multiple, larger pets to groom, I would suggest investing in spare blades and switching them from time to time. Having a refrigerated metal tray ready near you as a cooling station is a good idea.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to attach blades
  • Great engineering
  • Powerful, 2 speed motor
  • Comes with antimicrobial blade


  • Gets hot but its manageable heat
  • Not as powerful as some other models

I am literally smitten by performance of Powermax 2. The quick and easy attachment of blades makes transitions quick. I find that I don’t have to struggle pacifying my darlings while fumbling to get the blades on and off. The option of having two speeds is great for clipping different body parts as well. Time and money saving, Powermax 2 is definitely a keeper.

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