Andis 70255 All-In-One 16-Piece Groomer Kit Review

I had my eyes on Andis 70255 All-In-One 16-Piece Groomer Kit mainly because of the kit’s de-shedder. My furry friends – a large collie and a fat Persian cat were constantly shedding an immense volume of hair. I would like to get rid of as much hair as possible without always having to chop off lops from their precious manes. A friend of mine who is a pet groomer suggested that I try using a de-shedder.

A de-shedder is a fancier version of clipper except that it does not take off the top coat. Instead what the de-shedder does is to scour the bottom coat for loose hairs, leaving the top coat untouched. This tool is especially great for long haired animals as it lets you keep the general style of your pet’s hair and your living space cleaner.

The de-shedder that comes with this kit is nothing short of amazing. I love how it tackles the hidden loose hairs without tugging at my pet’s skin. The amount of strays I get from this de-shedder is mind-boggling. I never knew you can get that much hair out of your dog and cat without them looking like they just had a hair cut. Best of all, this de-shedder vibrates. Both my pets really enjoy the massage cum combing session with the vibrating de-shedder. I use the deshedder in between hair cuts. Their coats are in the best condition yet.

As for the main Andis 70255 unit, it has both a good size and grip. The stainless steel blades on Andis 70255 are sharp and they cut adequately well. Pretty standard for an Andis brand, 70255 works well on fine to medium coats of hair but not on matted fur. I would love for it to have the power to mow through stubborn matties. But seriously, considering the price paid and how much stuff was included, I really shouldn’t complain.

The 8 different blade guards were extremely handy. The myriad lengths of comb guides will enhance anyone’s grooming repertoire. Sadly, I can’t say the same for the the grooming tutorial DVD included in the package. The DVD is rather redundant for owners of long haired dogs as it only features schnauzers and poodles.


  • Great price for two equipments
  • Stellar performing de-shedder
  • De-shedder comes with a massaging tooth comb
  • Ergonomic clipper
  • Comes with scissors and 8 assorted blade guides
  • Truly complete kit


  • De-shedder outshone the clipper
  • DVD only shows grooming instruction on specific breeds

The de-shedder makes the Andis 70255 complete grooming kit really worthwhile. The pair of professional grooming scissors in this kit is a nice touch; I don’t have to go round hunting for a pair to trim off matted fur before clipping. The practical storage case is a nice way to hold the kit’s many maintenance aids and accessories. The Andis 70255 all-in-one grooming kit is definitely money well spent.

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