Andis 22360 AGC Super 2 Speed Professional Animal Clipper Review

As far as quiet and effective clippers are concerned, I’ve have one to rave about. My affectionate but skittish collie and grumpy Persian cat both have a low noise threshold, especially so with noise emitted from a snipping device. Finding the right clipper for them has always been a trial and error situation. Fortunately, I think I’d hit the jackpot with Andis 22360 AGC Super 2 Speed Professional Animal Clipper. This clipper inconspicuously clips off hair from animals with just a soft hummer. After a few seconds of anxiety, squeamish collie and grumpy kitty obediently sat through whole ordeal. It seems like we have a winner here.

Andis AFC clipper stays surprisingly cool during the whole session. I found myself skipping the cooling spray step. I like how well the blade cuts as it was able to do matted hair on higher speeds. Approaching my cat tentatively, I turned on the higher speed and successfully got rid of her week old matted hair. Kitty was as grumpy as usual but she didn’t react negatively otherwise.

In terms of power, Andis AFC definitely has it. Do note that when you trim short hair dogs with thicker fur, you’ve got to change to a shorter blade. #4 and #7 works fine for my long haired friends but you might want to order UltraEdge blade for thicker haired breeds. My friend who owns the same unit prefers to alternate #5 and #10 FC blades on her German Shepherd.

Andis AGC also stays cool for longer periods which is good because I like to deliberate while I groom. The only thing that irks me about Andis AGC is its locking blade. Albeit tight, these locking blades makes changing blades a little tricky. After fiddling around with it (I suggest you try this before you start clipping) for awhile, I was able to grasp the locking mechanism. However, this is no big issue as I got the gist of it.


  • Lightweight
  • Really quiet
  • Solid 2 speed motor
  • Stays cool while you clip
  • Fashionable color


  • Locking system took some time to master
  • Could use a more elaborate manual

Overall, I find Andis AGC really suitable for my pets. The low noise level, nice color and handling of this model is commendable. Clipping with Andis AGC makes life a lot easier for any owner of fussy creatures. I like that this clipper is made more affordable by Amazon. It’s really a sound investment as it has lived up to my expectations in many ways. Great clipper!

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