Andis 21420 Pro-Animal Detachable Ceramic Blade Clipper Kit Review

I have a collie and a Himalayan Persian cat which means that I have a ton of fur to process on a weekly basis. I’m always on the look out for a quality pair of clippers at an affordable price. Even though I love my Oster clipper as much as my other half, I am willing to try other brands which are kinder to my wallet. Thank goodness for Andis 21420 Pro-Animal Ceramic Blade Clipper Kit. With this all inclusive clipper set, I’ve been zipping through massive amounts of fur from my two companions smoothly. Not to mention, I’ve managed to save over 50 bucks in the process.

Both my dog and cat don’t take well to noise. I was apprehensive about this clipper not working for my fussy customers. However, I was pleasantly surprised that they didn’t seem at all bothered by the Andis 21420. This is not what I was expecting because they had not been so patient with other clippers. With Andis, they just sat there obediently without putting up a fight. That is, until I got a little too close to their ears.

This unit comes with their size 10 CeramicEdge blade, four assorted combs, oil for the clipper, complete with carrying case. I’ve used the size 10 clipper along with the accessory comb guides on both my dog and cat with great success. I like to alternate different combs to trim various lengths as doing so yields a professional, fresh from the parlour look. I’ve also lent out the kit to my good friend who has a thick-haired poodle. She said that the short, size 10 clipper with a short cutting guide worked great on her dog. All I have to say is that the mow looks good on her regal poodle.

This Andis clipper glides like butter with normal fur but not with matted fur. I do find that going at it a couple of times is needed to get it all off. When the unit slows down, clotted hair on the combs is usually the cause, not the motor. All you have to do is simply remove the hair stuck on comb. In terms of motor power, this clipper handles both my cat and dog all in one session in a single beat. I like to take my time while I cut so I feel that it is really important for a clipper to stay cool while you cut. Andis 21420 lives up to this expectation as it does not heat up as much as my other clippers. Be careful though, the ceramic blades are pretty sharp. I do make sure that this bugger is well oiled and ready to go all the time.


  • Cheap and affordable price
  • Quiet, tolerable buzz
  • Sharp ceramic blades
  • Stays cool while you cut
  • Useful trimming guides and case included


  • Doesn’t perform so well on matted fur
  • Could be cordless

All in all, a terrific buy. I feel as satisfied as my pets with Andis 21420 Рthey are now cooler and groomed while I can spare $50  on other goodies. The clipper works great on both long and short hair breeds. I especially like the fact that this kit has everything I need, all neatly packed in a case. Andis 21420 gives a real bang for the buck.

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