Best Pet Clippers – A Helpful Buyer’s Guide

pet hair clipperLooking for the best pet clippers? You’ve come to the right place. On this website you’ll be able to read unbiased pet clipper reviews and learn more about how to use a pet clipper the right way. There are many pet clippers available on the market and they cater for all sorts of pets ranging from dogs, cats and even horses.

Pet clippers are manufactured by several different companies such as Andis, Oster, Remington and Wahl. Even within each brand there are different models containing different features. For example, there is the pet clipper with the one speed and the pet trimmer with two speed models, the latter providing a faster cutting speed.

Essentially, all pet grooming clippers work the same way. You just need one that is designed to cut through hair fast without heating up excessively and causing too much noise (which may scare your pet). Let’s look at the types of pet clippers and examine all the features you should look out for when choosing the best pet clipper for your needs.

Note: On this page you’ll find a short buyer’s guide to pet clippers. If you don’t have much time and just want to see my personal recommendations for the best pet clippers on the market, you can do so by clicking on this link.

Types of Pet Clippers You Can Buy

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Look at all that beautiful hair!

There are also corded and cordless pet clippers . A pet hair clipper usually comes with several detachable pet clipper blades for cutting fur to different lengths. Many brands incorporate specially insulated grips to prevent overheating and others are touted as ‘maintenance free’, meaning they don’t require oiling.

Additional features included antimicrobial coating to reduce mildew and bacteria. They also come in heavy duty designs for professional use as well as easier use-at-home versions. Some clippers also are designed to have low noise levels. This is very helpful because you don’t want to scare your dog or cat!

Other pet hair clippers come with usual accessories such as extra blades, blade oil, blade guards, cleaning brush, pet clipper combs and extra brush, which may be sold together or separately.

So should you choose an Andis pet clipper, Wahl pet clipper, Remington pet clipper or Oster pet clipper? All of these are excellent brands with a history of providing reliable pet grooming clippers that last long and work extremely well. These

Although most people purchase electric dog clippers for grooming dogs, there are pet clippers available for other animals as well. Andis has versions that are recommended for both dogs and cats as they have several detachable heads for different lengths of fur. Oster also sells a great horse clipper that many people like.

How to Choose the Best Pet Clippers

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Happy pets after a hair clipping session.

There are a lot of pet clippers available on the market but you can find the best pet clipper easily just by applying the following factors to filter your search.

  1. Motor power: This is particularly important if you own a breed of dog with thick, matted hair. For such dogs, working with low power dog grooming clippers may not give you the desired good results you want.

  2. Blades: Take into consideration your pet’s hair length and select electric pet clippers with suitable blade lengths for the closeness of the cut you want. Also keep in mind the different hair lengths on different parts of the body, for example shorter fur around the eyes and ears.

  3. Ergonomics: Take note of the weight and how comfortable it is to hold and handle. Some pet clippers can be rather cumbersome and cause fatigue to your arm.

  4. Cordless vs. Corded: Cordless pet clippers operate on rechargeable batteries and give you flexibility of movement. However, some users have commented that they have less motor power than the corded pet clippers. For the corded type, ensure that the cord is sufficiently long comfortable use.

  5. Price: The prices vary according to brands, features and benefits. A prospective buyer should do some prior research at different pet stores and also browse the web, where you’re likely to find discount offers.

  6. Noise Levels: Some users have noted that noisy clippers are sometimes upsetting to sensitive dogs so you may want to choose a dog clipper that isn’t too loud.

  7. Type of Pet: If you’re a cat owner there are dog clippers that are advertised as suitable for cat fur too.

Where Should You Buy Pet Grooming Clippers?

Pet clippers can usually be found in electronic stores or specialty pet stores although their prices may not be very competitive. It really depends on the store itself although generally, the prices are somewhat the same. I’ve bought a lot of professional pet clippers over the years and I always get them from because they usually offer great discounts and free shipping. I also prefer to buy online because its just a lot more convenient and less time-consuming.

I’ve noticed that that Amazon’s prices are often cheaper than retail stores because of their excellent discounts. That means you can save over $50 for some pet clippers, which is really a good deal. also ships really fast so you’ll often get your pet hair clipper within a few days. I’ve never had a problem with delivery or the clippers I’ve bought online so I wholeheartedly recommend that you consider buying through

My Recommended Pet Clippers – What You Should Buy

Out of all the pet hair clippers I’ve tried, the best clippers came from Oster and Andis, both of which are excellent pet grooming clipper manufacturers. They have a great range of clipper styles which are much loved for their high performance and strong motor power. Wahl is another brand that offers a decent selection of mid-range pet clippers.

Here are the best pet clippers on the market right now. I honestly think you can’t go wrong with buying any of the following:

best pet clipper

Andis 22360 AGC Pet ClipperAndis 22360 AGC Super 2 Speed Professional Animal Clipper. This is an amazing professional pet clipper. It has a durable shatter-proof housing and is designed for many, many years of consistent use. It has a really powerful motor with the choice of two speeds (3400 or 4400 strokes/minute). It’s also very quiet so it doesn’t scare my pets and it’s completely maintenance-free as well (no oiling or greasing!). But my favorite thing is that this clipper is really effective, it just goes through thick coats of hair EASILY without jamming up. By far the best pet clipper I’ve ever used.

Right now you can buy the Andis 22360 AGC Pet Clipper at at a 31% discount and you’ll save $60 off the retail price. You may also want to read my review of the Andis 22360.

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oster 78004-011 powermax 2 speed clippersOster 78004-011 Powermax 2-Speed Clippers. I like this pair of pet hair clippers because it’s light-weight and easy to handle. It’s also a 2-speed clipper and it has a magnetic motor that churns out 4200 strokes/minute. The blades have an antimicrobial coating to reduce bacteria and mold. It also has a long 12-foot power cord. Like the Andis 22360, this is also a quiet pet clipper that doesn’t heat up too much like other models. While I found it to have a weaker cutting power than the Andis 22360, it’s still a very good clipper for smaller jobs. Great back-up or additional clipper to own!

Amazon is selling the Oster 78004-011 Powermax Clippers at a 30% discount and its $50 off the usual price. You can get it from Amazon now or you can also check out my review of the Oster 78004-011. .

Want to See More Pet Clippers?

If you have time to spare and feel like browsing, you can check out some of the other animal clippers I’ve owned and tried so far. I’ve spent some time writing reviews of them and they should be helpful to you. However, if you are busy and don’t have much time, you can just go with the pet hair clippers I’ve mentioned above.

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